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Body Bike Positioning

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Archaic “bike fit” terminology can be misleading. BBP consists of 4 successive steps to assist the athlete in acquiring the body and the bicycle position that is the most efficient and has the highest potential energy relative to physics, biomechanics, and your personal style and preference.



Step 1

The selection of a proper geometry bicycle relative to your anatomy, lifestyle, and personal preference.


Step 2

A biomechanical analysis and consultation taking into account personal anatomy, lifestyle, and athletic goals.


Step 3

Small, personalized adjustments to your riding form and equipment to fine-tune your BBP. We start at your foot/cleat and work in succession to the knee, hips, torso, shoulders, elbows, and hands, fine tuning your style and equipment (crank length; seat height, angle, fore/aft; bar width; stem length, height; and shifter/brake position).


Step 4

Continuing consultation and assistance with position changes as your BBP changes relative to your athletic goals and fitness needs.





The 4 step BBP service for the client with a previously purchased, proper geometry bicycle. $85



Assistance with the selection of a proper geometry bicycle, biomechanical consultation, and the minor adjustments needed to meet your personal anatomy, lifestyle, and athletic goals. Free with bike purchase.



BBP service for the client with an existing bicycle, which may or may not be of the proper geometry to meet the client’s athletic needs. $85



Parts and accessories are always 10% off with a BBP service. Parts may or not be required to achieve the best positioning and are not included in the BBP prices.


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